7 Best Beers to Pair With Barbecue

Barbecue in the summer is a rotation of meat heaven: burgers, dogs, sausage, ribs, brisket, chicken, steak, tacos and more. The art of grilling and smoking a protein only ELEVATES the flavor by giving them that fire kissed char and sweet smoky flavor. The second best part is you can throw in your favorite rubs and sauces (Kosmo's Q on my deck) to make the meat memories even more irresistible. And while most of us are usually cooking for family or get togethers, we often chase our delicious, delectable burgers and grilled veggies with sweet tea. That is no fault of your own, it's a cheaper alternative. However, I am of the opinion that, when grilling over an open flame, beer is the way to go.

Enjoying a crisp, cold beer is already PERFECTLY suited for a hot summer day. So why not share seven of the best beers that pair with BBQ. 

There are those out there that prefer the darker beers to compliment the bold flavors of their grilled feast. I think you're better off saving those for the winter months. Instead opt in for the blondes, pale lagers, wheat beers, IPAs, pale ales and amber ales. Don't worry, I've rounded off the TOP SEVEN beers to pair with your barbecue! Keep reading to see all of them.


Narragansett Fresh Catch

This beer was featured in the summer block buster"Jaws". I don't think anyone is going to fault you for grabbing these. This Rhode Island brewery's best summer beer is Fresh Catch. 

This crisp, easy-drinking blonde ale gets added flavor from being dry-hopped with Citra hops. It’s the perfect complement to grilled seafood, especially oysters or clams.


Lawson's Finest Liquids Sip of Sunshine IPA

This one is a shout out to the hop crowd. Lawson's Finest Liquids Sip of Sunshine is a mouthful to say, but it tastes just like the name claims! It is literal liquid sunshine made with pure hoppy perfection. 

This 8% ABV IPA is a symphony of citrus and tropical fruit with pronounced floral and piney hops flavors. It pairs well with rich, smokey, slow-cooked brisket


Creature Comforts Classic City Lager

If having a general beer that pairs with a cluster of grilled foods, then stop in your tracks with a classic lager. More specifically, try the Classic City Lager from Creature Comforts. It is a YEAR-ROUND brew and is known for its thirst-quenching flavor. 

Its malty, dry finish make it a great companion to grilled or smoked chicken and pretty much anything slathered in BBQ sauce. 


Stone Buenaveza

This list is pretty straight forward, until now. Stone Burnaveza is a unique Mexican-style lager that is a memorable Baja-inspired drink. It gets its bright, vibrant flavors from the addition of lime and sea-salt. 

It makes a great accompaniment to spicy chicken wings and drumsticks or ribs


Brewery 85 Tropic Thunder

This is another shout-out to hop heads that have kept reading. Brewery 85 is tucked away in Greenville, SC. This small town brewery packs big time flavor. This Summer Double-IPA clocks in at a deceptive 9% ABV. 

Get ready for the huge tropical and citrus notes—pineapple, grapefruit, lemongrass to name a few. This thing has a big, burly hop nose to it that reveals intense grass, musk, and citrus. Pairs well with most poultry or seafood.


Zero Gravity Green State Lager

This crisp, straw-colored lager is brewed with German Pilsner malt, house lager yeast, and Hallertau Mittelfruh and Saaz hops. It’s as traditional as American lagers get.

Loaded with citrus and Noble hop flavors, it’s a great beer to pair with juicy, cheesy, burgers


Allagash White

This list is rounded out with a beer that can't be more suited for summer than Allgash White. This Belgian-style wheat beer is brewed with malted wheat, oats, and raw wheat.

The EXTRA flavors come from the addition of the coriander and orange peels from Curaçao. It is a complex and citrus filled experience that would pair best with pulled pork.




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