Avoid THIS One Mistake With Your Smoker

Smoking meat in your backyard requires patience, attention to the details, education, and practice.

It is a skill that many try to learn, and it is not impossible! Smoking meat can be an overwhelming process. From picking the right protein, to prepping it correctly (I would recommend pork shoulder, spare ribs, or chicken to start and brisket for the more seasoned vets) you have to either turn your charcoal grill into a smoker or invest in a new piece of equipment for the grilling deck. 

Even if you have a gas grill, turning it into a smoker can be tricky and cumbersome. 

If you are NEW to smoking, just know that while the process may be laborious, the end product is worth the time and effort. While cooking methods can rely on over the open flame cooking, smoking relies on low temperature and indirect heat. Your result is more tender, juicy meat that is encased with a smoky, flavorful crust (or bark). 

While there are MANY things to keep in effect while smoking meat, there is one common temperature mistake you want to avoid. This will offer you the BEST results every time.

 DO NOT Overheat Your Smoker or Grill

Smoking with low temps and slow cooking (low and slow) is a process. Overheating your smoker and cooking your proteins too high is one of the most common mistakes grillionaires can make! It CAN and WILL cause your protein to come out fry and retain less of the smoky flavor that is coveted by mouth's all across the world. 

The GOOD news is that this cooking faux pas can be EASILY avoided! 

Here is an easy check list for you. This will ensure you have AMAZING tasting meat, almost every time!

Plan ahead. Make sure to give yourself enough time. Go ahead and give yourself more time than you think you need! In order to have you proteins cook low and slow, monitoring the temperature of your smoker closely until it levels off. 

Invest in a quality meat thermometer. You can use the Chef's Temp Quad XPro (click link to get a discount!). There are other methods too, such as using a liquid (beer, water, juice, etc) that can help keep the temperature of the smoker low and prevent the protein from drying out while cooking. 

Allow enough time. While time and temp will vary depending on the protein you are smoking, the general rule of thumb is to allot six to eight hours for most meats to smoke. 

The magic temperature number is (usually) 225ºF. This number is commonly used with low and slow cooking. It allows a low temp that will not overdo the protein. It will also impart the smoky flavor that is so desired. 

Overshooting your desired grill temp can be very hard to bring back down. Make sure you're monitoring it. If you have a pellet grill, which I recommend ANY of the Monument Grills line, it might be easier to swing the temp down or up. Charcoal can get away from you, that's why you start it slow and bring it up slow. 

Follow these simple steps, avoid the most COMMON mistake, and you will have the BEST smoked protein you've ever made! 

Check out my YouTube channel for some simple and easy recipes using a bunch of different smokers and grills! 

Until next time, make sure you eat well, do well, and serve good food! 


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