Grillionaires Guide | Getting Rid of Fridge Funk

I've got a smoking hot kitchen hack for you today! Are you tired of opening your refrigerator to a smelly surprise? Well, say goodbye to stinky food storage with this simple and affordable solution.

I recently stumbled upon this gem of information from America's Test Kitchen and I just had to share it with my fellow grilling enthusiasts. You'll never guess what I'm using to deodorize my fridge... CHARCOAL BRIQUETTES! That's right, the same stuff I use to add smoky flavor to our barbecue is now saving my food from smelling like last week's leftovers.

Here's what you do: remove all your food and shelves, place a few briquettes in a dish or on a plate, place it in the back of your fridge, close the door, and let the magic happen. After 24 hours, remove the briquettes and bask in the glory of a fresh and clean-smelling refrigerator.

What's the science behind it?

Charcoal briquettes contain activated carbon, which is a highly porous form of carbon that has been treated with oxygen to increase its surface area. This increased surface area allows activated carbon to absorb and trap molecules that cause odors.

The activated carbon in charcoal briquettes works by adsorbing (not absorbing) the odor-causing molecules. Adsorption is a process where molecules adhere to a surface, rather than being absorbed into it. When the activated carbon in the briquettes comes into contact with the odor molecules in the refrigerator, the carbon attracts and holds onto the odor molecules, effectively removing them from the air.

As the carbon continues to adsorb the odor molecules, the surface of the activated carbon becomes saturated. To continue removing odors, you will need to replace the charcoal briquettes with fresh ones.

Not only is this hack a natural and safe solution, but it's also a grilling influencer's dream come true. Who knew our love for charcoal could extend to the kitchen too?

This kitchen hack is a game-changer for ALL my grilling family. So, don't take MY word for it, watch the video below for more information and try it out for yourself! Trust me, your taste buds and your nose will thank you.

Stay smoky AND fresh, grillionaires! 

Until next time, make sure you eat well, do well, and serve good food! 


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