How to Cook Competition-Ready Ribs in Your Own Backyard

Competition barbecue is hotter than a fired up grill, right now!

I love barbecue...that is pretty obvious. Grilling, smoking, camaraderie, drinking, family, good food, competition, and a live fire all make for one hell of a weekend! 

My barbecue roots started in competitions first as an attender and then as a team member. I never placed, but we did have a lot of fun. Over the years, I have tried to perfect my craft in barbecue, just in my own backyard. And there is a HUGE difference between backyard que and competition que. 

So what do we do to make competition ready barbecue? 

Well, first thing you should do attend a barbecue event. Check out how it is run. Even watch BBQ USA on food network. This is a great, in depth show on the ins and outs of competition barbecue. Here is a preview below:

 Second, you should watch a lot of the experts and see how the do it. It's called "shigging" (google it). Follow me on my journey as I try to teach you how to do competition ready barbecue. And in this is not ready. Don't know what I mean, just watch.

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