MONUMENTAL Pork Butts for Barbecue Enthusiasts on a Pellet Grill

As the self-proclaimed Grillionaire, I am always on the lookout for the best grills and smoking techniques.

And when it comes to smoking a pork butt, there's no grill I trust more than my Monument Grills 86030 Pellet Grill.

Now, I know what you're thinking – a pellet grill? Really, Mark? But hear me out. This is no ordinary pellet grill. The Monument Grills 86030 is a thing of beauty, with its sleek design, remarkable durability, and unforgettable smoky flavor expertly crafted to be functional and versatile, the Monument 86030 is what upgrades your backyard into a chef’s kitchen. Plus, it's easy to use! The learning curve is VERY minimal, even for grilling experts or novices.

But ENOUGH about the grill – let's get down to business and talk about how to smoke the perfect pork butt on this baby.

First, you'll need to season your pork butt. I like to use an assortment of Kosmo's Q Rubs to give it that mouth-watering flavor. Rub the seasoning all over the pork butt, making sure to cover every inch.  Trust me, your taste buds will thank you later.

I also like to go the unconventional route and use MAYONNAISE as a binder. And the ONLY may that exists in this world is Duke's. Again, I know what you're thinking, most people use oil or mustard as a binder. TRUST THE PROCESS. Slather it up in Duke's then flavor it up with Kosmo's Q. 

Next, it's time to set up the Monument Grills 86030 Pellet Grill. This is where the real magic happens. The grill uses wood pellets to create the perfect smoky flavor, and the digital control panel makes it easy to set the temperature and cook time. I like to set the temperature to 275ºF and cook the pork butt for about eight to ten hours, depending on the size. HOWEVER, the time does not really matter. You want to cook it until it probes tender.

As the pork butt cooks, it's important to monitor the internal temperature. I like to use a meat thermometer to make sure it's reaching the right temperature. The Monument Grills 86030 comes with one internal probe that plugs DIRECTLY into the controller, so you can read the temp on the screen as it cooks.

When the internal temperature reaches 190-195ºF, it's time to remove the pork butt from the grill and let it rest in it's own juices in a foil pan  for at least thirty minutes to two hours. This will help steam it to perfection. I put mine in a cooler, wrapped in blanket of the foil pan, heavy duty aluminum foil on the top, and a layer of blankets. This keeps it insulated and hot as it rests in its own au jus. Make sure to drop THAT phrase at the next family gathering to impress EVERYONE around you.

After the pork butt has rested, it's time to pull it and serve it. And don't forget to serve it with your favorite barbecue sauce – I prefer a tangy, vinegar-based sauce myself.

Now, I know what you're thinking – ten hours is a long time to wait for a pork butt. But trust me, the wait is worth it. The Monument Grills 86030 Pellet Grill creates the most tender and juicy pork butt you'll ever taste. Plus, the convenience of the digital control panel means you can set it and forget it while you go about your day.

SO, if you want to smoke the perfect pork butt, the Monument Grills 86030 Pellet Grill is the way to go. With its sleek design and state-of-the-art technology, it's the ultimate tool for any Grillionaire like myself. So go ahead and give it a try – your taste buds (and your inner Grillionaire) will thank you.

Until next time, make sure you eat well, do well, and serve good food.

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