MY BIGGEST Barbecue Secret....REVEALED!

There are four things I love in this life:

1. The Lord.

2. My Wife.

3. My Family.

4. Grilling/ Smoking/ Making Content

It runs in that order. Sometimes grilling replaces number three when my kids get on my nerves...ONLY KIDDING! What I also love is how BBQ can be so similar and so different among each person! I encourage people to do what makes their OWN bbq special! My taste buds are different than everyone else's and we can all make bbq in a similar way, but still make it unique to you. It could be the grill you use, the cut of meat, the brand of rubs and sauces, the tools, etc. The possibilities are almost endless! 

One thing I love about doing BBQ is experimenting with flavors and spices and rubs. Each company makes them different or unique and they all bring a different flavor to the table. I do work with Kosmo's Q currently. I use their products in all my videos because I LOVE the flavor that he brings to the table.

Grillaholics, also a company I work with, has come out with an SPG+Butter Rub that is OUT OF THIS WORLD! 

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BUT, this post is about my biggest BBQ secret, revealed! Over the years, I have tinkered with MANY different rubs and recipes and tried to narrow down what tastes good, and what does not! (There are MANY rubs that do NOT taste good!) However, I have always had a good SPG rub that I use around the house. I don't use it in my videos because I use Kosmo's Q Rubs and Spices. However, I have been holding on to this recipe for a while and I figure it is time to share it with the WORLD! Or, anyone that reads this blog.

So, I have a great rub, that I hope to ACTUALLY SELL one day, but I am going to give YOU the recipe. This is what I meant when I said that BBQ can be done the same way, but use different techniques or ingredients to make it your own. I tried so many salts, my blood pressure went through the roof! 

However, I like to call this rub my "Good Grub Rub"™ and HERE is the recipe.

Salt, Pepper, Garlic.....JUST KIDDING sort of.


Credit: Courtesy of The Spice House

Salt: Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt

What is this and why did I choose this salt? I will tell you. I wanted a salt that is not used commonly in most bbq rubs. It has high antioxidant levels and surprising low sodium levels. It also contains iron, calcium, and magnesium which are important vitamins for the body. The MAIN reason I chose it is because it has a different flavor. It is more of an earthy, smoky flavor than typical sea salt. It can be used as a finishing salt, but this is the main ingredient, and it brings a different flavor profile to the mix.

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Credit: Courtesy of The Spice House

Garlic: Roasted Organic Granulated Garlic

This spice is easy. For SPG, the G is garlic. I chose granulated over powder because the granulated will help prevent clumping. The organic and roasted part are also important to the "Good Grub Rub"™ because it give you a purer smoky flavor. It's as close to natural as smoking your own garlic, dehydrating it, and grinding yourself....which I also did. My house smelled like garlic for DAYS and I was on the couch for a WEEK! Never the less, organic and granulated. Do it yourself at home, if you want to, or order it pre-done. Pro Tip: If you do decide to dehydrate it at home, move the dehydrator to a well ventilated area or outside so it does NOT stink up the house.

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 Credit: Courtesy of The Spice House

Pepper: White Peppercorn

White peppercorn is grown on the SAME vine as black pepper. However, they are soaked in the winter to remove the outer skin. This process, done after the harvest, gives it a prized, fermented flavor. I use the whole peppercorn and grind it down with my spice grinder. This gives me complete control on how big I want the grains to be for the rub.

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My final ingredient may seem redundant and not really have much to add, but you would be wrong. The FINAL flavor, that makes the "Good Grub Rub"™ an SPG(C) rub is....(drum roll)

Credit: Courtesy of Good House Keeping

Activated Charcoal

Let me explain. This part of the rub is OPTIONAL, BUT it does make for an amazing crust on steaks. The reason this might seem redundant is because black lava salt already has activated charcoal on it. I will ALSO add that this does NOT add ANY flavor. Anyone that tells you it does, they are lying. It is flavorless. It is purely for the presentation. When you make this rub, you will see that it is a very small amount. It gives a great crust and presentation in the end.

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NOW that my SECRET IS OUT, here is how the "Good Grub Rub"™ is made.

3 parts Black Hawaiian Lava Salt

2 parts White Peppercorn

1 part Roasted Organic Granulated Garlic

1/4 part Activated Charcoal. 


There it is! If I ever plan to make money off of it, the secret is out. I want to make you a grillionaire™ of your own backyard and if you put this on any beef, pork, or chicken, it is going to give you AMAZING flavor and one hell of a presentation! 

And YES, this rub will be available for purchase EVENTUALLY. I wanted to share the secret! Now go make it, try it, and let me know your thoughts! 

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