Holiday Gift Ideas From the Grillionaire

Christmas is right around the corner and if you are STILL in the market for some gift ideas for the griller in your life, look NO further!

Christmas can be stressful. It is the time of year where we gather with family or friends and celebrate good tidings and joy with one another. It is a heart-warming time where, MOST, everybody is in the Christmas spirit. 


If you are like me, you are thoughtful in your gift giving. You want to make sure each gift is perfect for each person. And since I am the self proclaimed GRILLIONAIRE of the internet and grilling world, I want to shed some light on some items that I have, I use regularly, and would be PERFECT presents for the griller in your life. (Plus you still have time to order these items and get them in time for Christmas!) 


BBQ Prep Tub from Drip EZ

The first thing I would recommend is the BBQ Prep Tub from Drip EZ (and no this is NOT an affiliate link). This tub is AMAZING. The bottom inside of the tub is a cutting board. It then has collapsable walls that can raise up and make it a tote to bring to the grill. It minimizes clean up and is just a GREAT invention! I WISH I THOUGHT OF IT!

I have two of these tubs, the XL and the Junior. Both work perfect. My kitchen does not have a ton of prep space, so this gives me the right amount of room to use as a prep station. I love it simply because of the cool design, color, and the practicality of it for the griller in your life.

Grill Kilt

The Grill Kilt is one of these simple, yet unique designs for the grilling community. It is a grilling apron that has SO many pockets, ten to be exact. This 100% twill cotton construction is also a product of South Carolina, where I currently reside (so that makes it just a little cooler). The apron has five D rings and comes with two carabiners and a grommeted hand towel. I mean, just look at this thing!


Now there are MANY designs and colors to choose from. I, myself, have the limited edition cayenne and the camel tailgater version. That's right! It comes in two different versions. The tailgater version is a newer product but has the SAME great quality and result. I use mine in almost EVERY video I have and even when I am not on camera! I was so excited when I partnered with this company and I love how simple yet versatile it is! Another GREAT present idea that is practical AND fashionable. 

Blazin' Thaw Defrosting Tray

I saw these types of products all over TikTok about a year ago. Then, Blazin' Thaw messaged me and asked if they could send me one of these defrosting trays. I wasn't sure what kind of wizardry it was, but I wanted to investigate. A few days later, it arrived on my front porch and I immediately opened it and put a steak on the counter and a steak on the tray. GUESS WHAT HAPPENED? IT WORKS! The aluminum design of the tray extracts the cold from the food and helps it thaw quicker (inset science-y information here). 

The tray works wonders and, TO ME, the steak I cooked seemed to taste a little better. This is NOT a claim they make. It was nice how fast it worked and how efficient the tray is. I could say this ISN'T the sexiest gift for a griller, but if you know, you know. I would be SO excited to receive this, if I didn't have one already.  I even thawed out a PORK BUTT on this thing!! Go for the family size, because it just makes sense. 

The Meat Stick

Blue tooth thermometers are ALL the rage. Wireless thermometers are becoming better and better. I, for one, have had the EXCLUSIVE privilege to work with The Meat Stick company and use their amazing product, the Meat Stick X. The Meat Stick X has 260 ft of range via bluetooth. You can add the WIFI bridge extender to have unlimited range. What is cool about this product is it works SO easily. Connect it to the app, insert into the meat, set the cook, and let it cook. It truly takes the lookin out of the cookin. 

It has an internal and ambient temperature sensor. You inset the probe into the deepest or thickest part of the meat, just up to the black tip, and let it ride. If I had any problems with the meat stick, the customer service was SUPER fast in responding and helping me find any errors I may have encountered. MOST of the time, it was user error. However, this product is SO cool and works VERY well. This is one item you do NOT want to sleep on!

ChefsTemp Pocket Pro

Instant read thermometers are amazing and are a quick way to find the internal temp of your meat without losing much ambient temperature around the cook. ChefsTemp Pocket Pro¬†has a¬†one second reading when inserted into the meat. It is VERY accurate when it comes to the temp reading as well, within ¬Ī0.7 (¬Ī0.4‚ĄÉ). It also comes in some great color choices as well.¬†

These thermometers have a four way roasting display, they are rechargeable, has a magnetic backing, and are IP66 Water Proof. That is A LOT of features packed into a single thermometer. I use this SAME product (in the green) almost every time I cook. It sits on my fridge or outside on the grill side while the meat cooks. Absolutely an AMAZING product with an even more amazing price! Check out the link above and see what you think! Read the reviews and decide for yourself.

Meat Sweats BBQ Spritz

Flavor is EVERYTHING when it comes to barbecue. Making sure that you have the right flavor profile and moisture to your meat is near the top of any Grillionaires list. Meat Sweats has come out with a product that helps maintain the moisture AND flavor, properly, for your grilling and smoking needs.

 The Hog Wash, Bird Bath, and Bull Spritz are easily some of the best flavorful products on the market! I used the bird bath on my THANKSGIVING TURKEY that fed over twenty people. I had MULTIPLE people come up to me and say that it was the best bird they ever had. It helped maintain the color and flavor that I was going for. Great guys that run the shop, amazing customer service, and another FANTASTIC product that would make me excited about grilling for the coming year!

Overall, these are just some suggestions of things I would enjoy. I have five grills and smokers, more rubs and sauces than I can count, and more accessories than any ONE griller needs. I hope that you have a FANTASTIC holiday season that is full of warmth, family, love, and joy. 

From my family to yours, make sure you eat well, you do well, and serve good food! Until next time.

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