You Will FLIP For This Steak Grilling Hack- Directly From The Pro's

Beef is a VERY versatile protein. Steaks are juicy. They are packed with fat that just melts. And, boy, are they tender.

There are so many options when it comes to beef, or steak, in general. Are you feeling like you want to for something fancy? Opt for the filet or porterhouse. Did you win your scratch off? Get a tomahawk. Did you lose on your scratch off? Go for the more budget friendly sirloin or strip steaks.

Whatever route you decide to embark on, I would submit that most steaks are happy to sear on a grill and show their appreciation with beautiful grill marks (that's me!) that rival high end steak houses. However, when it comes to grilling steaks, many home chefs and pit masters believe in the one flip method. What is the one flip method? It is simply flipping the steak once and calling it a day. But it got me thinking, what happens if you flip the steak multiple times?

The Multi Flip Method (MFM)

 Now, to be fair, this method is nothing really new. In fact, I found out about it from my digital friend and fellow pit master, Jess Pryles. She calls it the JKF or Just Keep Flipping method. MFM, JKF it doesn't really matter, all that matters is this way WORKS! 

"The heat from the grill breaks down the fatty acids into smaller acids that are more volatile. These volatiles are responsible for the steaks aroma, which accounts for the majority of its flavor," according to Smithsonian Magazine. This is important because the result of the MFM will result in quicker cook times and a more even cook.


You see, the more you flip your steak, the less chance is has to cool on the exposed side. In other words, the more you flip, the temperature will be hot and even on both sides. ALSO, doing the MFM while grilling will result in a cook that will be 30% quicker than the single flip. 

How Often Should I Flip My Steaks?

Great question. According to food scientist Harold McGee (yes that is a real thing and why didn't I know until now) about every sixty seconds should do the trick.

McGee states that constantly flipping it, MFM, will make it cook evenly on the inside. Serious Eats, a food blog and grilling website, conducted an experiment on the MFM versus the one flip method and found that with the one flip method, the steak resulted in a gray ring between the outer edges and the center. On the contrary, the MFM didn't should as many gray areas and the pink center was much more uniform throughout the inside of the meat.

Ok, I Like Where This Is Heading. But, What About The Crust?

Great question, again! You might be wondering if I keep flipping I will NEVER form much, if any, crust on the steak. Adam Perry Lang fixes this situation with a simple herb brush. Use a nice herb butter and baste each side multiple times per flip. This way, you are slowly layering a crust after each flip. 

And THAT'S IT! A secret from one grillionaire to another! Try it out and let me know the results in the comments below! 

Until next time, make sure you eat well, do well, and serve good food! 

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