Grill Mark Co. started as an idea in 2017 to create excellent barbecue in your own backyard. As the brand grew, the social media presence grew. Over the last five years Grill Mark Co. has seen growth to over twenty thousand followers and subscribers across social media.

I am the Founder and CEO of Grill Mark Co. I have dreams of opening my own outdoor and grill store one day. I strive hard to provide for my family. I have been married for over ten years to Jessica (the Queen of Que), and have three children (Carson, Cooper, and Presley). My two boys are special needs, which makes me work even harder. Grill Mark Co. annually raises money for different Autism charities and organizations. Grill Mark Co. also supports Operation BBQ Relief.

As the brand continues to grow, join the journey with us. Come support, learn, and be creative with your barbecue. At Grill Mark Co. we do "grilling so rare, it's well done."™